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What kind of fertilizer is water-soluble fertilizer? How to use water-soluble fertilizer with good effect?

The water-soluble fertilizer realizes the integration of water and fertilizer, improves the efficiency of fertilization, and reduces the total amount of fertilization; its fertilizer effect is rapid, and it effectively solves the nutritional needs of the rapid growth period of crops. So, what kind of fertilizer is water-soluble fertilizer? How to use water-soluble fertilizer for good effect? What are the precautions for use? Let's take a look together below.


What are the classifications of fertilizers? The difference between chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer is the food of plants, it is a substance that directly or indirectly supplies nutrients needed by crops, improves soil properties, and improves crop yield and quality. In recent years, with the fierce competition in the fertilizer market, there are many different fertilizer names, and many products are really confused by the name alone.


How to fertilize correctly in spring? Precautions for fertilizing in early spring.

How to fertilize correctly in spring? What issues should be paid attention to when fertilizing in early spring?


What are the hazards of excessive application of phosphate fertilizer?

Appropriate application of phosphate fertilizer in phosphorus-deficient soil has a good effect on improving the yield and quality of crops.


How long does it take for fertilizer to be applied to the field? Fertilizer effect period.

A quick fertilizer is not necessarily a good fertilizer! So, how long does it take to apply fertilizer to the field?


Why can humic acid repair the soil? How to repair the soil? Application in fertilizer?

Why can humic acid repair the soil


How many days can I water after applying urea? Watering time, matters needing attention.

Urea is a kind of nitrogen fertilizer


How to mix fertilizers? Which fertilizers cannot be mixed?

In the process of agricultural production, the use of fertilizer is inseparable.


Precautions for mixing foliar fertilizer with pesticides, and contraindications for mixing with pesticides.

Precautions for mixing foliar fertilizer and pesticides


What are the precautions for crop fertilization?

Now crop fertilization has become an indispensable item for our crops, but can you really fertilize it? Let's see what we should pay attention to when we fertilize.


Symptoms of potassium deficiency in plants, characteristics of potassium deficiency in plants

Potassium is an essential ingredient for plant growth.


Side effects of compound fertilizer for growing flowers, matters needing attention when using compound fertilizer.

When raising potted flowers, we must not neglect fertilization. Proper fertilization of potted flowers has great benefits for the growth and blooming of flowers.


The harm of overuse of fertilizer, the prevention method of excessive nitrogen fertilizer.

Nitrogen fertilizer is one of the frequently used fertilizers, and it is also one of the three macro elements that are indispensable for the healthy growth and development of crops and increase the yield.


Why use foliar fertilizer? What are the misunderstandings in applying foliar fertilizer?

Foliar fertilizer, as a nutrient supplement for leaves, is increasingly accepted by farmers. Foliar fertilization can directly enter the body from the leaves and participate in the metabolism of crops and the synthesis of organic matter.