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Agriculture Overview

The effect of magnesium fertilizer on plants. Can magnesium fertilizer and potassium fertilizer be used together?

Magnesium is an essential nutrient element for plants and plays an important role in the physiological and biochemical processes of plants.


What kind of fertilizer is magnesium fertilizer? What are the magnesium fertilizers? The role and efficacy of magnesium fertilizer.

Magnesium, as an essential element for plants, plays an important role in plant metabolism and growth.


The role and function of silicon fertilizer. Ten major functions of silicon fertilizer.

As a new type of inorganic mineral fertilizer, silicon is a good quality fertilizer and plant-regulating fertilizer, and it is a new type of multifunctional fertilizer that other chemical fertilizers cannot match.


What kind of fertilizer is nitrogen fertilizer? The effect of nitrogen fertilizer on plants.

Nitrogen fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer. It is the main fertilizer that promotes the growth of flower roots, stems and leaves. The nitrogen contained in it plays a very important role in crop growth.


What kind of fertilizer is potash? What are the types and functions of potash?

Potassium is one of the important elements required by fruit trees, especially for improving the quality of apples and improving fruit quality. So potash is also called fruit fertilizer. So, what kind of fertilizer is potash? What are the types of potash fertilizer? What is the role and function? Let's take a look together below.


What are the three elements of fertilizer? What are the effects? What will happen to crops?

What are the three elements of fertilizer?


The role of macro-element water-soluble fertilizer?

The macro-element water-soluble fertilizer is a multi-element compound fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water.


When should rice be fertilized? The main fertilization method and what fertilizer should be used for top dressing

Rice is one of the main food crops in our country. Rice is grown all over the world. For high yield, additional fertilizer is needed.


How to fertilize fruit trees? The misunderstanding of fruit tree fertilization.

Fertilization is a very critical task in the planting process of fruit trees.


What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency in crops? And the effect of zinc fertilizer on plants?

Zinc fertilizer is an important fertilizer required by many crops. What are the symptoms of crop zinc deficiency? What are the effects of zinc fertilizer on plants?


Is it better to use urea for top dressing or compound fertilizer? What are the misunderstandings?

Nowadays, the farming level of farmers is relatively low, especially when it comes to fertilization, there are many misunderstandings, and improper fertilization is prone to cause poor and slow fertilization after fertilization, and even cause plant death.


How to use potassium dihydrogen phosphate (MKP)?

The role of potassium dihydrogen phosphate can promote the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus by fruit trees and other crops, promote photosynthesis, improve crop resistance, improve fruit quality, and regulate crop growth.


What are the symptoms of excessive plant fertilization?

Now fertilizer has become a must for growing crops, but do you know that too much fertilizer will harm? Let’s take a closer look today.


How to perform effective extra-root fertilization

There are many benefits of topdressing fertilizer outside the roots of crops, such as fast fertilizer efficiency, high utilization rate, easy application, significant effect, and fertilizer saving. It is a common application method for everyone, but extra-root fertilization is also skillful, so how can we carry out effective extra-root fertilization?