Why can humic acid remedite the soil? BY:Lydia

Why can humic acid remedite the soil? BY:Lydia


Practice has proven that humic acid plays an obvious role in soil repair and improvement.

Why can humic acid remedite the soil? BY:Lydia
What is humic acid?

Practice has proven that humic acid plays an obvious role in soil repair and improvement.

 humic acid

1. Humic acid changes the form of heavy metals in contaminated soil

The accumulation and enrichment of heavy metals puts tremendous pressure on the soil. Most of the forms of heavy metals in soil are chelated or complexed, and humic acid is rich in a large number of ions. It can replace the chelated heavy metal ions with its own ions, making the heavy metals less likely to be absorbed by the crops and making the crops less susceptible to heavy metal pollution.

Light humic acid (fulvic acid) has a low molecular weight and is beneficial to the activation, compatibilization and desorption of heavy metals. For example, using fulvic acid solution to water "hyperaccumulator" ferns (hyperaccumulators refer to plants that are tolerant to heavy metals or other pollutants) can significantly increase the absorption of various heavy metals.

Humic acid is heavy (including brown humic acid and black humic acid) and has a large molecular weight. It can reduce, adsorb, and fix heavy metals, and can reduce the effectiveness of heavy metals, such as fixing cadmium, mercury, and lead.

Humic acid

2. Humic acid reduces the toxicity of organic matter in contaminated soil

Another "destroyer" of soil is organic pollutants, mainly coming from petroleum and pyrolysis products, pesticides, organic synthetic products (such as mulch film, etc.);

Humic acid can increase the adsorption capacity and stability of organic matter, fix it in the soil, deactivate pollutants, or induce photolysis and chemical degradation of active free radicals of organic matter, thereby achieving the effect of "soil".

The humic acid "degradable mulch film" produced with heavy humic acid as raw material not only has the functions of increasing temperature, retaining moisture, and retaining fertilizer, but also degrades into humic acid organic fertilizer after 2 to 3 months of use, allowing crops to emerge naturally and saving labor. Save time and avoid "white pollution" caused by mulching film.

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