Precautions for mixing foliar fertilizer with pesticides, and contraindications for mixing with pesticides.

Precautions for mixing foliar fertilizer with pesticides, and contraindications for mixing with pesticides.


Precautions for mixing foliar fertilizer and pesticides

Precautions for mixing foliar fertilizer and pesticides:

1. Make sure that the shape of the foliar fertilizer and pesticides is stable after mixing

This is because foliar fertilizers may react chemically or physically with pesticides, affecting the effectiveness of pesticides or causing phytotoxicity. If the liquid medicine has bad performance, it is not suitable for mixed use. Even if the physical properties of the liquid medicine are good after mixing, a small-scale test should be carried out first to see if it is prone to fertilizer damage and phytotoxicity, and then use it in a large area.

2. Pay attention to the mixing order of foliar fertilizer and pesticide

Generally, one single-dose liquid is prepared with sufficient water, and then the other single-dose is diluted with this liquid; it is not allowed to mix two single-dose and then dilute with water to avoid adverse reactions and cause effective Destruction of ingredients and deterioration of physical properties. When mixing foliar fertilizers, the mixing sequence of foliar fertilizers and pesticides is usually: foliar fertilizer, wettable powder, suspending agent, aqua and emulsifiable concentrate are added in sequence, and each one is added to mix well, and then the next one is added.

Three, pay attention to the use of water when mixing

Water has a great influence on the liquid medicine, and the pH and ion concentration of the water will affect the effect. It is better to use neutral water with low ion concentration, such as clean rainwater, river water, etc.

Fourth, pay attention to ready-to-use

Although the medicinal solution has no adverse reactions when it is just prepared, it is prone to slow reactions after long-term storage, which may cause the loss of drug efficacy or drug damage. If some pesticide varieties are relatively stable under weakly alkaline conditions, it is also necessary to pay attention to the current use, if left for a long time, it will easily become invalid.

The contraindications of mixed foliar fertilizer and pesticides:

1. Alkaline pesticides cannot be mixed with fertilizers such as ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and superphosphate, otherwise it will cause ammonia volatilization loss and reduce fertilizer efficiency

2. Pesticides containing arsenic cannot be mixed with potassium salt and sodium salt fertilizers, otherwise it will produce soluble arsenic and cause phytotoxicity.

3. Alkaline fertilizers such as ammonia, lime, plant ash, etc. cannot be mixed with pesticides and other pesticides, otherwise the efficacy will be reduced.

4. Chemical fertilizers cannot be mixed with microbial pesticides