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Potassium sulfate for agriculture

publisher: Binny
Time: 2019-06-02
Summary: Potassium sulfate for agriculture

Potassium sulfate for agriculture 

Potassium sulfate refers to a kind of important chlorine-free potassium fertilizer containing sulfur and potassium.The general content is 50% ~ 52%, and the S content is about 18%.Potassium sulfate is pure colorless crystals, agricultural potassium sulfate appearance is mostly pale yellow.Potassium sulfate has the advantages of low moisture absorption, less agglomeration, good physical properties and convenient application.Potassium sulfate is especially suitable for the economic crops that are fond of potassium, such as tobacco, grape, beet, tea tree, potato, flax and all kinds of fruit trees.It is also the main raw material for making chlorine-free nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers.Potassium sulfate is a chemically neutral, physiologically acidic fertilizer, suitable for a variety of soils (excluding flooded soils) and crops.Potassium ions can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops or adsorbed by soil colloid.Potassium sulfate was better applied to sulfur-deficient crops such as cruciferous crops on sulfur-deficient soil.

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